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Adam Gaertner Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Adam Gaertner is not on Wikipedia. He insists on Twitter to have discovered a COVID cure. Let us learn more.

Adam is a virology researcher. He gained attention in 2020 after he claimed to find a cure for COVID-19.

Adam Gaertner Wikipedia Bio: Who is he?

Adam Gaertner’s Wikipedia is not available at the moment.

Gaertner is a virologist. His profession is to study viruses, their nature, and ways of controlling them.

Interestingly, he became viral in 2020 after he said he found a coronavirus remedy. To point out, his Twitter bio still indicates he discovered the cure in April 2020.

Furthermore, the virologist says he has been fighting to see his cure applied in real life. 

Also, Gaertner reportedly made an email to Anthony Fauci. He described the Covid bioweapons creation technique in the mail.

However, no much information about Adam is available anywhere on the Internet. Also, he has not appeared in the media as of now.

Adam Gaertner Age

Adam Gaertner’s age appears to be over 40 years old.

His exact birth details are unavailable as of now. Also, he has not mentioned his childhood and parents publicly.

The virologist is from Arizona, USA. But it is unknown where he was born and raised.

Adam Gaertner Wife and Family

Adam’s wife is unknown.

Also, it is not clear whether the man is married or not. He has not revealed anything about his dating life anywhere on the Internet.

In addition, nothing is known about Gaertner’s family.

As mentioned, he never speaks anything about his personal life in his social media posts. 

Adam’s Salary and Net Worth

Adam’s salary is yet to be discovered.

The virologist has not mentioned his profession. Thus, there is no clue about his workplace and employer.

Virologists in the US have an average salary of $116 thousand.

Adam’s net worth is under the radars.

There are no details about his earning details and fortune accumulated in his career.

Meet Him On Twitter

Adam is on Twitter as @veryvirology.

He has over 14.6 thousand followers on the platform. Also, he is active there since November 2013.

The majority of his tweets recently are about the coronavirus pandemic.

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