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Alex Kline Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Who Is Alex Kline? After Bill and Melinda Gates divorced people are avid to know about Bill’s ex-girlfriend Ann Winblad but who is Ann’s husband, Alex Kline?

Kline is the brother of a well-celebrated American actor, Kevin Kline.

Also, he is notable as the celebrity spouse of tech colossal, Ann Winblad. 

Before that, he is a private investigator with a wide variety of investigative areas, including attorneys, law firms, corporate clients, etc.

Who Is Alex Kline?

Alex Kline is a San Francisco-based private investigator who likes to be known as Alex Klein.

In addition to that, he looks into several cases revolving around deaths and disappearances in San Fransisco.

Before being an investigator, he is a Standford University graduate who has also played a role in his brother’s 1988 movie, A Fish Called Wanda.

His Linkedin Claims that he has a company named Alex Kline Investigation & Research, where he works as a Private Investigator for over 36 years.

Meet Kevin Kline Brother

Alex Kline is an American actor, Kevin Kline’s brother.

Kevin has an older sister named Kate and two younger brothers named Alex and Christopher. 

Therefore, Alex Kline is also notable as the celebrity brother of two-time Emmy Awards and five-time Golden Globe Awards nominated, Kevin Kline. 

Alex Kline Young Photos Explored

Alex Kline’s young photos are still out of sight.

Currently, Kline is 63 years of age. However, there is no availability of Alex Kline’s young photos on the Web. 

Is He Ann Winblad Husband? 

Alex Kline is Ann Winblad husband.

Unlike Bill and Melinda’s marital, Ann and Alex also got married six years ago.

Alex also rose to eminence after tieing marital knots with the tech giant Ann Winblad. The reports suggest he has two adult kids from his previous marriage.

But, there are no deets about his past marriage or relationships on the Internet.

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