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Alexis Loveraz Net Worth, TikTok, Age, Bio, Height, Early Life, Career, Facts

Alexis Loveraz is a young math tutor living in the Bronx, New York who has used his TikTok channel to do tutoring and became an online sensation around April of 2020. As many kids were homeschooled during coronavirus pandemic, he took that opportunity and provided free tutoring.

NameAlexis Loveraz
EducationHarlem Prep High School

People liked him and that’s the reason he amassed hundreds of followers on his TikTok account. He uses his channel to provide math tutoring classes as well as information about US Higher education. But, he emphasizes on Mathematics.

His bio says he is a Math Tikoker. So, he’s not fooling around, this kid is smart and he knows it. So, let’s get to know more about Alexis Loveraz- the math whiz kid from the Bronx who is getting big followers because of his knowledge.

Who Is TikTok Math Tutor Alexis Loveraz?

Alexis Loveraz is just another kid from the Bronx but he has a TikTok channel where he teaches mathematics to his fellow students and juniors. He got really popular a while back and after that, he gained lots of followers on his TikTok account.

As you can see, Alexis has fun while teaching and even has time to do some joking around while teaching. He is studying at Harlem Prep High School and has an average of 4.0 in his classes.

It is really cool to see young people take matters in their own hands and do what’s necessary. He provided remote learning to the people when they needed it ad because of that, he has gained fame on his social media platforms.

Everything About Math Tutor Alexis Loveraz

Alexis was born in 2004. That means he has had a very short time on this planet. I could as a matter of fact say everything about him but the details aren’t available that much. We know that he was born in 2004 A.D and he is 16 years right now.

He used social media sites fairly regularly like any other teenager in the world. He is a student at Harlem Prep High School and has a 4.0 average.

Alexis has gained fame and he admits that he was very shocked when lots of people began asking him questions on TikTok but he liked what he was doing and continued to do so.

He is tutoring math class all while wearing gloves. He is a role model for all the young boys and girls out there. He started making videos since February 2020 and has garnered lots of fans after just a few months of doing it. 

Alexis is  good kid with a very supportive family as well. This picture he had uploaded on new Year’s Day of 2020 was just a month before he started tutoring Maths on TikTok. But, he really made an impact on education by choosing to do this.

#Mathtutor Videos On TikTok

There are about 14.6 million videos on the hashtag #mathtutor on TikTok. These are all the kids who are using their TikTok account to make videos of Mathematics and imparting knowledge to other kids their age.

Not only these kids teach, but they also provide special tricks and formulas to help them better study mathematics. Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, you name it, these kids are making videos on that.

As you can see, this person is helping people to remember the formulae of unit circles in Trignometry. There are lots of videos like this that are helpful to students worldwide.

I wouldn’t say that Alexis Loveraz popularized Mth Tutoring on TikTok but he is certainly one of the best Math tutors on the platform.

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