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Amy Vilela Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Amy Vilela is an American Politician who ran in the election of the United States House to represent Nevada’s Fourth Congressional District held on the 12th of June of 2018. Amy unfortunately lost the election to be the congresswoman of Nevada’s Fourth District.

NameAmy Vilela
Age51 years
EducationBachelor’s degree in accounting and business management from Park University

Vilela works for the welfare of the general people of the US and she believes to fight against the discriminations occurring in different sectors in the US. The politician also has worked in many business firms gathering experiences for the professional career.

10 Facts on Amy Vilela

Amy Vilela has no exact date of birth available but some of the information shows she was born on the year 1969 and in the Maryland state of the US.

At the age of 51 years, the politician has married her husband, David who was an Air Force Pilot serving the United States Air Force with his services. They were married in the year 2009.

Amy gave birth to four children from her husband, David. Her family moved to Nevada for the job of David and settled in the Nevada State.

Vilela was born in a poor family and her conditions became worse after her parents were divorced. The name of her parents cannot be found.

In the year of 2018, a very sad tragedy struck Amy, when she lost her 22-year old daughter Shalyanne in the hospital.

Amy and her husband were forced to talk against the lack of health care provided for their daughter when she was in pain and her last moments.

Vilela has been actively organizing health care rallies in Nevada for the poor services provided to the public people by the state of Nevada.

From the bio of Amy, she has graduated from Park University with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and business management.

After the loss in the election of 2018, there is no information about whether Amy will run in the upcoming elections as well.

The salary and net worth of Amy Vilela are not disclosed to the public yet.

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