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Angie Cocuzza Net Worth, TikTok, Age, Bio, Height, Early Life, Career, Facts

TikTok is being very popular and trending among the youngsters as it gives us the ability to share the content to the whole world. The content creator does not only get fame, they get to earn depending on their popularity. Angie Cocuzza is also one of them and she is a constant creator and making a very good living out of it.

NameAngie Cocuzza
Age19 years
Height5 feet
ProfessionTikTok star

Angie Cocuzza is commonly known on her social media by the name Acooz31 and she is mostly active on Instagram and TikTok.  It looks like her social media journey has just started. The star did get the following from her amazing works on theatre. Angie Cocuzza is a young American Theatre actress.

10 Facts on Angie Cocuzza

Angie Cocuzza is 19 years old Theatre actor who also got the popularity sharing content on social media.

Angie Cocuzza is available on social media with the account named Acooz31 and constantly gaining followers.

Acooz31  has currently earned 1.6K followers on her Instagram account and constantly sharing her photos and videos.

Acooz31  is very good at performing arts like dancing, acting, and much more.

The content creator and actor stand at the height of 5 feet which is below average and no information regarding her birthday is available.

As the actor gets to perform her art at various places she gets to travel a lot.

Angie Cocuzza looks pretty and she has got a lot of man followers in her account.

The content creator shares her dance video on TikTok and Instagram and people are compiling it and uploading it on youtube.

The recent video of Angie Cocuzza has been able to earn over 400K views on TikTok where she shared an amazing dance.

From Angie Cocuzza’s TikTok account we get the fact that she has very huge potential to grow and has got a very bright future.

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