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Ann Marie Dorn Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Ann Marie Dorn is one of the RNC Speakers who left people in tears with her speech during the concluding night of the convention. She is a widow of a Police officer who was shot and killed during the widespread looting that was prominent during the protest of racial injustice. 

After the killing of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, the whole black community came into the streets and protested against the Police. He was killed by a Police Officer. But it left with more chaos. There was violence and robbery all around the country and the late David Dorn was one of the victims of it. He was shot dead near the pawnshop owned by his friend. His wife has given an emotional speech in the RNC. Here are the 10 facts to know about her. 

NameAnn Marie Dorn
Age70 years
Height5 feet 3 inches

10 Facts on Ann Marie Dorn

Ann Marie Dorn is an American who is one of the speakers in the ongoing Republic National Convention. 

Moreover, she is the wife of Late David Dorn, who was a retired police captain. 

Similarly, she seems to be around 70 years old at the moment. Her husband was 77 years old when he was shot. 

However, Ann doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography. 

Talking about her family, reports confirmed that she has daughters. She talked about him in the speech. 

However, she didn’t talk about other members of her family except for David Dorn. 

In the speech, she said that she relives the horrors every day, 

Besides, she also praised President Trump and his work for the States. 

Her husband, David Dorn was shot and killed outside a pawn shop on June 2. He was a victim of the protest that took place in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder. 

However, two people are already charged for his murder. One of them is Stephan Cannon, a 24-year-old. 

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