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Annemarie Plas Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Facts

Who is Annemarie Plas? The creator of the “Clap for Carers” initiation is back on the streets of London motivating everyone to extend appreciation to the nation’s attempt to fight against the coronavirus, covid-19. 

Clap for Carers achieved a lot of attention during the first surge of coronavirus in the UK. The prime minister, Boris Johnson, and several members of the Royal Family publicly supported the campaign. 

Quick Facts: Who Is Annemarie Plas? Age, Instagram and Nationality Facts To Know On

NameAnnemarie Plas
ProfessionYoga Teacher

Moreover, Annemarie Plas is originally a Yoga teacher. Currently based in South London, she was born and raised in the Netherlands. An appreciator of body and soul, Annemarie became the focal point of the Clap for Carers campaign. 

Here is everything you need to know about her. 

10 Facts on Annemarie Plas

Annemarie Plas is the creator of the campaign, Clap for Careers. It was created to appreciate the efforts of direct and indirect heroes who helped to fight against the coronavirus. 

As of now, Annemarie Plas is just 27 years of age. Her birthday details remain undetermined for now. 

Moreover, you can find Annemarie Plas on Instagram and Twitter. She has amassed more than 4000 followers on Instagram. 

As for her nationality, Annemarie Plas is British. She comes from the Dutch ethnic group. 

However, there is not much known about her background and her family. 

Glancing at her Instagram posts, Annemarie doesn’t seem to be married as there is not any mention of her husband. 

But she does have a child, a cute son. His photos are all over her social media feed. 

Despite her uplifting efforts in social service, Annemarie Plas doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography until now. 

However, there are hundreds of articles written about her work on the internet. 

Besides, Annemarie Plas is a Yoga teacher and spiritual healer. She has been a part of several motivation programs as well. 

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