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Annette Kowalski Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Is the Netflix documentary woman, Annette Kowalski still alive? Here is everything to know about her business and Wikipedia Bio.

Annette Kowalski led a very successful career. The famous painter and artist, Bob Ross is her business partner. 

The partners met in 1982 after Annette lost her oldest son in an accident. To over the depression of losing a child, she took up art.

She traveled to Florida with an intention to meet Bob to learn an art which was a start-up of their partnership.

It was her wise decision as the Bob classes and guidance helped her to get out of the depression. 

Later, both decided to start art classes. Bob hosted more than 400 episodes on art for a popular show ‘The Joy of Painting’.

Is Annette Kowalski Still Alive? Meet the business partner of Bob Ross

Yes, Annette Kowalski is still with us, alive. Bob Ross had a partnership with Annette and Walt in Bob Ross Inc., formed in 1985.

They became the sole owner of the company after the death of Bob. Earlier they had one-fourth of ownership each on BRI. 

However, Bob willed his ownership to his son and half brother, but the judge announced it was not possible with a minority of his share.

In between, there was a rumor on Bob and Annette for having an affair but it was denied.

Annette Kowalski Age – How old is she?

Annette Kowalski is born on January 26, 1936. This makes her 85 years of age. 

Her star sign is Aquarius. She has lived her retirement life now with her husband. Her daughter has taken over their business. 

Who is Annette Kowalski? Her Wikipedia

Annette was born in Arlington, Virginia, the USA as Annette Eva Hall.  She is not covered in Wikipedia.

She is on highlight after the Netflix documentary Bob Ross: “Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed” was released.

The documentary was released on Wednesday, August 25, 2021, and it has been highly viewed.

There are lots of articles on her and they are easily available on the web.

Annette Kowalski Family 

The artist was married to Walter Kowalski. Walter is a production manager, known for Superheros Don’t Need Capes.

Together they bore five children. The couple is living in Sterling, Virginia, where the company, Bob Ross Inc. headquarter is.

How much Annette Kowalski earned? Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be millions. She is successful business personnel. 

Her business in Bob Ross Inc was a great success which could have given her a huge amount of money.

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