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Antonio Ciontoli Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Antonio Ciontoli Wikipedia and eta details have been inquired by the public amid the news of his sentence broke. 

Mr.Ciontoli was a former secret service agent based in Italy. He has now been one of the most hated personalities in the country because of the homicide he committed.

Here is everything you need to know about Antonio and his crime. 

Antonio Ciontoli Wikipedia: Eta Revealed

Anotonio Ciontoli is not documented on Wikipedia.

However, one can gain a brief insight into his bio from this article.

So, Antonio Ciontoli’s eta (age) must be in the mid-50s.

The man was a secret service agent working for the protection of his nation. Later he was suspended and was moved into the Navy. The reason for his suspension is not discovered.

Being military personnel, he was away from the media’s attention, so not much about his background and other personal details are known.

Everything On His Wife And Family

Mr. Ciontoli’s homicide has ruined the life of his wife and children as well.

He was married to his wife, Maria Pezzillo.

The couple is blessed with 2 children; Martina Ciontoli and Federico Ciontoli.

After Antonio shot his daughter’s boyfriend Marco Vannino, the family didn’t take him to the hospital, and he died. Due to this reason, his wife and children have also been charged. They will be serving 9 years and 4 months in jail, reported a news portal.

Moreover, Antonio claims that he is solely responsible for the crime and his family must not be punished for his mistake.

Antonio Case Update: Where Is He?

Antonio Ciontoli’s case began when he shot a 20-year-old boy, Marco Vannino in May 2015.

The boy whom he shot was his daughter’s boyfriend. Though it has been proved that the boy was shot mistakenly, Antonio along with his family were charged with not saving the boy and letting him die in pain.

Antonio has been charged with a second degree of voluntary murder with 14 years in prison.

As of now, the Supreme Court has confirmed the condemnation of. Antonio and the case have now been closed after nearly 6 years. So, Mr. Ciontoli will continue to serve his time in prison.

Therefore, Marco’s parents are now satisfied with the court’s decisions. They claimed to the media that now both the family and his dead son can rest in peace.

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