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Areline Martinez Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Areline Martinez is a Mexican citizen who was accidentally killed during a fake kidnapping shot for her TikTok video and some other people were also involved in the video as well. Areline has a couple of thousands of followers on her social media accounts and she is a bit famous in Mexico.

NameAreline Martinez
Age20 years

Areline Martinez was shot by a gun during the shoot of her fake kidnapping and this news has been viral all over the internet and also this incident might hamper the reputation of the Tiktok in the global market. Martinez has worked in this kind of fake kidnapping video before as well.

10 Facts on Areline Martinez 

Areline Martinez was born in the year 2000 so her age today was 20 years old. But her exact date of birth and birthplace is still unknown.

The gun which killed the TikTok star, Martinez was a 0.45 caliber gun and there has been no news of whom the gun belonged to, yet.

The police have given no news and report to the public on why a real gun was used for a video shoot instead of a fake prop gun.

Areline has no details about her family available on the internet. The names of her parents are unknown right now.

The details on the relationship status of Areline have not been disclosed yet but she has a one-year-old baby at the moment.

The victim has been receiving thousands of messages on a Facebook account which has been created to honor and cherish her memories and mourn her death.

The police have identified two suspects who fled the scene of the accident after, Areline was shot. The police have started the search for the fugitives. 

On Instagram, Martinez has 6.1k followers on her account, and the username is are.ma13. She wrote a quote on her account not the day of her death.

Areline had long blonde hair with black eyes. Her height is unknown.

Martinez had a lot of tattoos on her body as well as a tattoo on her face.

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