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Brandy Vaughan Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Brandy Vaughan was a well-known speaker and activist who had been involved in speaking against the pharmaceutical industry. How did she die? On December 8, 2020, her son who is just a minor reported that Brandy Vaughan was dead but the clear cause of her death has not been revealed until now. According to reports claimed by Heavy, she had spoken many times that if she was found dead, it will definitely be because of foul play. 

NameBrandy Vaughan
Age47 years (died on December 8, 2020)
ProfessionSpeaker, Activist, Former Pharmaceutical Representative
Children1 son
EducationUC Santa Barbara

She had actually kicked off her professional career as a sales representative for Merck back in the year 2001. After working for almost three years there, she joined ABN AMRO Asset Management as their senior editor as well as writer. From the year 2007 until the year 2010, she had also worked as a managing editor for Password Magazine at Philips Research

10 Facts on Brandy Vaughan

Brandy Vaughan, the late speaker, and the activist’s husband’s details are currently unavailable.

Talking more about Brandy Vaughan’s family, she had a son who is just 9 years old right now.

Speaking about her education, she had completed her graduation from UC Santa Barbara

According to her LinkedIn profile, she worked as an independent writer and editing professional from the year 2004 until the year 2015. 

In May 2015, she founded an anti-vaccination group named Learn The Risk where she had been working as a founder and executive director until her last breath.

Moreover, Brandy had chosen not to vaccinate her son as she believed that the chemicals used in the vaccine would actually harm the children. 

Even though she had worked as a pharmaceutical representative, she never trusted the pharma. 

As she was originally from San Francisco, California, United States, her nationality was clearly known to be American. 

Furthermore, Tina Marie, a great friend of Brandy has started a fundraising campaign at GoFundMe to fulfill all the wishes Brandy had.

With around 2.8 thousand followers, her account is still present under the username @brandy_vaughan_21. 

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  • Mary C. Blood

    March 20, 2021 at 11:47 pm

    Brandy Vaughan was 44 years old when she died, having been born March 21, 1976, in Germany to American parents. She was raised mostly in the Norman, OK, area, where her mother’s parents and her father’s mother lived. Her father’s paternal side live in Louisiana, where she seldom visited. Brandy was married once to a French man (Cedric) and divorced with no children. Her only child was born after her divorce. Brandy by birth should have been surnamed “Blood,” the name her father was born with. He was adopted by a stepfather when he was 9 or 10 years old. I am Brandy’s paternal stepgrandmother.


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