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Brendan Smialowski Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Brendan Smialowski is a successful and renowned American photographer from Washington D.C. He also has created a bulk of work that usually covers politics. Moreover, he has received multiples of awards. He has received a World Press Photo Award For General News.

In 2012, he worked as a Free Lance photographer before joining AFP (Agence France Presse). He is an expert in Digital photography and often covers national and international news. Apart from a photojournalist, he is also a portrait photographer. Actually, his photography skills have a lot of variety such as portrait photography, fashion photography, sports photography, and so on.

Here are some facts about the photographer that you don’t want to miss.

Quick Facts: Who Is Brendan Smialowski? Meet The Photographer Behind Bernie Sanders Mittens Meme

NameBrendan Smialowski
Age40 years

10 Facts on Brendan Smialowski

Brendan Smialowski’s name is listed on Wikipedia. We can see the details of his achievements on the wiki page.

Speaking about his marital status, Brendan Smialowski is married or not. Nothing has been confirmed yet. Moreover, his wife’s details are out of vision as of now.

Brendan Smialowski was born in 1981 that makes his age 40 years old as of 2021.

Brendan Smialowski doesn’t show off his earnings to the public. Surely, his net worth is in millions of bucks. 

As described above, Brendan Smialowski is a private man. His family (father, mother, and sibling) is under the table. We will update the missing information once it’s made public.

He hails from Washington DC, hence his nationality is American.

According to his Instagram bio, he has a personal page with the name of #smialowski.org where he has stored his collections of different photos. Similarly, he is also active on Twitter.

According to the source, the picture of the US senator Bernie Sander taken by Brendan went viral and many memes have been created on it.

Brendan will not post the photo of the US Senator in his portfolio. Indeed, It’s not an impressive picture yet cozy in his large mitten gloves, according to HuffPost.

Lastly, People are making memes of his latest picture taken in Biden’s inauguration.

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