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Brett Sutton Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Australian national who is employed as the CHO (Chief Health Officer) at the Department of Health and Human Services, Brett Sutton is the talk of the town now. Find out why the media is so much at a health officer from Australia.

NameBrett Sutton
ProfessionHealth Officer

Brett Sutton came into media attention following his recent shocking revelation about COVID-19 quarantine issues. Speaking to media outlets, Brett shared that he had no idea of private security guards employed in hotel quarantine until the COVID-19 outbreak in June in Victoria, Australia.

He shared that he had no idea bout hotel quarantine as early as June in Victoria, Australi. Well, he is the chief health officer from Victoria, he would have known.

Here, find out some detail about Brett Sutton’s Wikipedia, age, wife, marriage, family, net worth.

10 Facts on Brett Sutton 

Brett Sutton is a leading Australian health officer who hails from Victoria, Australia. He has become the talk of the town following his revelation on hotel quarantine in Victoria as early as June 2020.

Brett Sutton is currently based in Victoria, Australia. His nationality is Australian and his ethnicity is white.

He joined the Department of Health & Hum Service, Victoria back in November 2016. Primarily, he worked in the position of Assistant Director of Communicable Disease.

As a chief health officer based in Victoria, Brett Sutton musth ave earned good net worth. Apparently, the detail of his net worth and annual earnings are on the loose now.

When it comes to Brett Sutton, Is Brett Sutton married? Does Brett Button have kids? These are the most Google queries from netizens.

Well, to answer whether Brett Sutton is married, who is his wife, or he has kids, Brett Sutton himself has the need to confront these questions. 

He does not have an official social media page like Instagram. So, it is even hard to find detail on his wife, marriage, kids. His family life is in the dark yet.

As you all know Brett Sutton does not have a Wikipedia page, which leaves the detail of his age and birthday in the dark.

If we could guess, his Google pictures suggest that Brett Sutton is around 40 years old.

Regarding his education, he is a graduate of the University of Melbourne. He earned his MBBS degree from that University.

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