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Carla Yellowbird Net Worth, Age, height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Carla Yellowbird missing case was featured in the Dateline series recently.

On August 23, 2021, Carla Yellowbird went unexpectedly missing from Fort Totten, North Dakota. She had intended to return home after a short trip to Spirit Lake Indian Reservation.

However, Yellowbird did not make contact with anyone after that. Unfortunately, the police officer found her dead a few months after. 

Obituary – Carla Yellowbird Missing Case

Carla Yellowbird from Dateline obituary was published after her missing body was discovered in 2016.

Carla was the niece of investigator Lissa Yellowbird. Lissa is an officer who has years of experience searching for missing Indigenous people.

Within 4 days of her search, Lissa found multiple clues to the case. Apparently, Carla Yellowbird had travelled with her guy friend named Suna Guy and his girlfriend.

However, Suna had other plans. He had ganged up with another man named Dakota Charboneau to rob her. Dakota then asked Daylin St. Pierre to join the robbery.

Sadly, the next morning, Daylin murdered Yellowbird in process of looting her. Carla was just 27 years in age.

Carla Yellowbird Wikipedia – Who Was She Her?

Carla Yellowbird story doesn’t have a Wikipedia to date.

She was a kind and generous soul who belonged to the Native American community. When she went missing, she had carried a laundry basket and a duffel bag. 

Apparently, the robbers had shot her and dragged her body in some brush. They had even burned Yellowbird’s belongings. Nevertheless, the police found Carla’s remains on September 23, 2016, on Spirit Lake Indian Reservation.

In 2019, the court charged Daylin and Dakota with murder, conspiracy to robbery, and use of a firearm. Both Daylin and Dakota got 27.5 and 50 years in prison respectively. 

Update on Carla Yellowbird Boyfriend & Parents

Carla Yellowbird’s boyfriend never came forward on the case. 

In fact, even Carla Yellowbird’s parents and family remained silent at first.

It is alleged that Yellowbird was struggling with drug addiction and even had some legal troubles with meth use. Therefore, her family did not want to talk about the case publically due to the stigma about drug use among indigenous people.

Carla’s relatives refrained from wanting her to be stereotyped as a drug user. But, aunt Lissa posted about her missing on Facebook.

It was easy to find evidence after the case became public on social media. The story was heavily watched in latest Dateline episode. 

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