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Chase Hudson Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio, Early Life, Career, Facts

You might have heard about the TikTok star, Chase Hudson who has over 21.8 million followers, but have you heard about the Chase Hudson GPA? That is a pretty strange question for a TikTok celebrity, isn’t it? Here is everything you need to know about the Lil Huddy a.k.a Chase Hudson including his educational background.

Who is Chase Hudson?

In case you don’t know about this TikTok celebrity, let me get started with his introduction. Chase Hudson is an eighteen years old teenage boy who was born in Stockton, California on May 15, 2002.

Before he came to TikTok, he used to make videos in his Youtube using Vines and Dubsmash but he became viral only after he joined TikTok.

The content of his videos on YouTube is generally about shopping hauls, vlogs, challenges, reactions, and Mukbanging videos with his friends.

He posts various dance and lip-syncs videos on TikTok. He is not just a TikTok star with millions of followers, but also one of the biggest music influencer in social media because of his huge fan base.

As an influencer in social media apps like TikTok and Instagram, Hudson has been signed by the largest talent agencies in the world WME. He will be represented by the agency for fashion, modeling, music, touring, and many more.

Chase is also the co-founder of the Hypehouse, which is a group created by nineteen teenagers on TikTok. These Hypehouse members party together in a rented mansion in LA and make a minimum of three content videos for TikTok per day. The main motto behind this is to increase their productivity.

Even though Chase Hudson is just a teenager, his net worth is well above $200,000. He also has his own merchandise and sells Hoodies, T-shirts, etc.

What is Chase Hudson’s GPA?

There are lots of people wondering about what might be the scores of the famous TikTok star even though he has a busy life.

People want to know how he copes up with his education and work at the same time as he is in High School just like every other teenager of his age. But his GPA is still a  secret matter.

Probably he feels that revealing his educational scores is not that important as it might cause pressure or a different influence over his followers.

Once, Chase Hudson had expressed his biggest insecurities and confessed and he is deeply affected by others’ opinions about him and always wants to show his better sides to people and especially his followers.

Maybe that is also a reason for his GPA not being disclosed to the world. We, as his fans, do not want to pressurize him about the things he does not want to share so we can understand his feelings and it is totally justifiable.

Which High School Does Chase Hudson Go To?

Lil Huddy is as busy as any celebrity would be in their life especially when it requires creativity to make really fun and influencing videos.

Hudson used to attend “Bear Creek High School” for his freshman and sophomore years.

After gaining huge fame and a large fan base, he wanted to devote his time properly to make the video content on his social media for his followers. But he could not manage both things at the same time, so he joined for an online course.

He already graduated the high school without the need to attend his senior years by taking three extra classes per semester and now in 2020, he is being invited as the guest speaker in ceremonies to give graduation speech because of his huge popularity. He might be the youngest guest speaker to give the graduation speech.

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