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Chef Mark Tafoya Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Mark Tafoya is an American personal chef based in Manhattan. He is known for running the ReMARKable Palate Personal Chef Service. Likewise, it provides customized meal solutions to the costumers. 

Mark is also the host of a podcast titled Culinary Media Network. Likewise, he has been featured by the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. 

NameMark Tafoya
EducationYale University

10 Facts on Mark Tafoya

Mark Tafoya is an American chef and entrepreneur. Mark’s age and date of birth are currently not available. 

Due to the lack of Mark’s Wikipedia page, it is difficult to find info about the celebrity chef. However, we have gathered many details about him in this article. 

Tafoya mainly works as a personal chef rather than in restaurants. Furthermore, he is associated with the United States Personal Chef Association as well. 

The chef is the founder of ReMARKable Palate Personal Chef Service. In addition, he is the owner of short video providers known as SmallBusinessvedio.com.

Mark’s salary is very high considering his 2 successful brands and businesses. However, the Net Worth for Mark Tafoya is currently being reviewed by our sources. 

As per his bio, Tafoya is based in New York City. Similarly, he is one of the few openly gay American chefs. In fact, he is married to his husband for 7 years now. 

Speaking about his family, Mark’s spouse is Eldar. Likewise, Eldar is a professional photographer. However, Tafoya has not adopted any children. 

The chef is active on both Instagram and Twitter as @ChefMark. Furthermore, his Twitter handle is pretty popular with 11.8k followers to date. 

Apart from cooking, Tafoya has a passion for acting. In fact, the former Broadway actor is a graduate of French Literature and Theatre Studies from the prestigious Yale University.

In 2005, Mark started a podcast named Culinary Media Network. Currently, he serves as the executive producer. Moreover, it is regarded as the first all-food podcast network. 

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