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Christopher Gregory Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Christopher Gregory and his girlfriend Jenn had just started a new chapter. However his untimely death left her in shock. 

The sad movie “2 Hearts” is actually based on a real-life hero.

Jacob Elordi portrays the role of Christopher Gregory, who decided to donate his organs after his death. Likewise, the film is available to stream on Netflix now. 

Christopher Gregory Girlfriend Jenn

Christopher Gregory was dating his girlfriend, Jenn.

Gregory was a 19 years old college student at Loyola University. He had a bright future ahead until he collapsed from a brain aneurysm. The doctors predicted his survival rate very slim, which ultimately took his life.  

Jenn and Christopher had started seeing each other just in October of 2007. Likewise, Jenn supported her boyfriend up to his last days and was broken when he suddenly passed away.

Christopher Gregory Obituary states he died on March 27, 2008. Before his death, the teenager decided to donate his organs.  

How His Death led To The Gabriel House

Christopher Gregory is the reason behind The Gabriel House establishment.

One of his organ donation receivers was renowned businessman Jorge Bacardi. Bacardi had a lung problem since his childhood. By he was 50 years old, the doctors diagnosed him with primary ciliary dyskinesia.

Christopher Gregory’s death led to the survival of Jorge Bacardi.

His only answer to cure was a double lung transplant! One day the doctors called Bacardi for the transplantation that ultimately saved his life. Yet, the name and details of the donor were kept secret. 

Bacardi named his angel “Gabriel” by himself. In honor of his donor, he found the house Gabriel House of Care. Likewise, it was much later until Jorge met Gregory’s family members. 

His Family and Parents 

Christopher Gregory’s family members include parents: Eric and Grace.

Likewise, he a great younger brother to John and Colin. 

Born and raised in Maryland, Christopher was attending the second semester of his college. He had finally begun to focus on his studies and career. 

In total, he saved the lives of four other patients: Nic, Carolyn, Mac, and Xavier. Furthermore, even his cornea were donated to two other people.

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