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Danielle Long Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Baseball fans remember the day a horrific accident took place, the suicide of  Charles Haeger and the murder of Danielle Breed Long. Get to read about the story down here.

Danielle Long or Danielle Breed Long is most notably known as the ex-girlfriend of Charles Haeger.

Haeger was an American baseball player who pitched for Chicago White Sox, San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers. He died after playing for about 15 years of professional baseball.

Danielle and Charles were a couple before their tragic death and she was murdered on 2nd October 2020 while Charles killed himself a day later.

The Incident was on 3rd October 2020, a year ago and his fans are performing a tribute over his first death anniversary today.

Obituary: Danielle Long Murder Case

The obituary for the murder of Danielle Long was conducted a year ago on October 2nd, 2020.

The murder case was closed after the primary suspect, Charles Haeger himself died.

Apparently, Danielle Long was shot by gunshot at 6:50 PM, in their house in 8100 E. Via Sonrisa, Scottsdale.

Presumably, the roommate got alerted by the gun sound and when he came out of the room to check, he found Charles leaving the room with a shotgun in hand pointing at him.

The roomie fled through the backdoor and requested the neighbors to call 911. However, Haeger managed to escape from the murder scene.

Charles Haeger was also found dead while he was on the run for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. He was found dead at the South Rim of Grand Canyon around 4 PM. He used the same shotgun to shoot himself.

Charles Haeger Girlfriend Danielle Long

Danielle Long was the girlfriend of Charles Haeger as mentioned by all the evident news and posts about them.

The couple was not in a relationship for very long as they were together for a year or more approximately.

The reason why they died is still a mystery, as Charles was 37 at the time of his death while Danielle was 34.

Similarly, Charlie was a coach at the time of his death, retired from playing baseball. He coached at Madonna University.

Charles Haeger Family And Facebook Photos

Charles Haeger and Danielle Long, both their families today spoke to Detroit Press.

They talked about their survival after the murder of their respective children. The families also revealed that they were living together now.

Charles and his girlfriend were both on Facebook and Instagram.

After their untimely death, all their social media accounts were taken down. So, we will no longer be able to take a look at their Facebook photos.

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