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Dario Dizdar Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Phoenix police officer Dario Dizdar may not be married. His wife and kids’ details are unclear now.

Dario Dizdar is a Phoenix police officer who came into the limelight after a 31-year-old woman Angela Tramonte passed away. Unluckily, he is a prime suspect in the cop’s eye. 

Moreover, Just by talking to Dario on Instagram for the past two months, she agreed to go hiking on Camelback Mountain last Friday with him. She literally traveled from her hometown of Saugus, outside Boston to meet Dario as a first date.

As per Daily Mail, Angela, 31, was found dead at around 4.40 p.m. off the Echo Canyon Trail near a home at the base of the mountain. 

Let us delve into his personal life and career details in this article.

Who Are Dario Dizdar, Wife And Kids?

It looks like Dario is neither married nor engaged. There is no sign of his wife and children in the media. 

As per the multiple reports, Dario claimed that Angela was overheated in the middle of the hike, and she decided to return. He continued the hike on his own.

Whatsoever, she was later found dead at a house near the trail on August 5, 2021. Tramonte’s friends and colleagues are protesting that they want answers. 

We can’t deny the fact that Dario is a cop. Whether he is on duty or off duty, he should not forget his job is to keep netizens safe. How he can leave the girl to return all by herself? It’s hard to believe.

Regarding his age, Dario’s actual age is yet to reveal on the internet. By his personality, he is in his late 30s.

Was He Married To Angela Tramonte? 

Dario Dizdar is not married to Angela Tramonte. She met him on Instagram and decided to go hiking in Arizona. 

It’s a first date where a boy and a girl hang out to know each other well. It’s a lesson learned that we should never trust anyone online. 

Police are still investigating the case to collect other evidence. To date, no charges have been made. 

Was he arrested? Yes, he was arrested by cops for the trials. As there is not any evidence against him, the police left him. 

However, Angela’s friends organized a Gofundme campaign to transport Angela’s body to Saugus.

Discussing his net worth, Dario’s current net worth is yet to disclose on the web. Perhaps, his earning might be around thousand of dollars. 

Besides, Dario’s father and mother’s identity is still a mystery for the fans. We’re keeping an eye on his family background.

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