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Diana de Vegh Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Diana de Vegh photos are getting viral in 2021 after she recently opened about her alleged relationship with JFK.

Who does not remember former president Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky? Now, another USA president is under the news for his alleged mistress.

Recently, Diana de Vegh has disclosed her hidden relationship with the late JFK. 

Diana de Vegh 2021 Photos – Where is Alleged JFK Mistress Now?

Diana de Vegh 2021 photos and images show her as an old woman.  

It is not surprising that Diana de Vegh has aged after 63 years of her alleged affair with Jonh F Kennedy. However, due to the sensitivity of her case, she doesn’t prefer to come forward to the camera much often. 

Diana de Vegh is supposed JFK Mistress who works as a Psychotherapist now. 

The former actress owns a private psychotherapy centre for the past 20 years. It is located in her apartment in West Village, New York.  

Previously, Vegh also served as Executive Director of the Institute for Policy Studies. Furthermore, she is also involved in philanthropy roles such as social worker in the Girl’s Clubs of America.

Learn About Diana de Vegh Age and Wikipedia

Today, Diana de Vegh is 83 years old age.

Vegh claims she was just 20 years old when she started her relationship with the 35th President of the United States. Her alleged affair began in 1958 as a student of Radcliffe College. On the other hand, JFK was 40 years old and married to Jackie Kenndey at that time. 

The two reportedly met each other during JFK’s campaign speech in Boston. Eventually, the relationship continued on and off for 4 years. 

Diana claims she was naive, groomed and devoured by unequal power-dynamic as the president’s mistress. The affair ended just a year before JFK’s assassination.

Despite the infamous affair, Diana de Vegh doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography. 

Who is Diana de Vegh Husband?

After her affair ended, Diana De Vegh met her husband Nicholas Rizopoulos.

Vegh claims she doesn’t regret her affair as it taught her an important life lesson. Diana De Vegh went through a road of recovery to start her own family and kids. 

She enrolled herself at the prestigious Yale University. Likewise, Diana de Vegh even had 2 children- both daughters. But, she later got divorced and finally moved to New York. 

Diana found a new partner in NY and got settled in the city. Moreover, she also became a grandmother of two.   

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