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Donald Wells Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Is Donald Wells Arrested? Donald was arrested last year for domestic assault in Tennessee. Know about his family and case.

As per reports, on the 14th of October in 2020, Donald was arrested. He was charged with domestic assault, control of a handgun while under the persuade, and illegal possession of a weapon following a domestic incident with Summer Wells’ mother, Candus Bly.

After receiving reports, officials were headed towards the scene to Ben Hill Road, and when officials reach there, they found Donald Wells behind the wheel of a vehicle.

They stopped Donald and detained him; at the time, he was stumbling and had a strong odor of alcohol. And further, he had a black powder pistol in the vehicle with him and disclosed he was sentenced to a felony in Utah.

Later on, the police officials were in talks with Candus Bly and found that Donald came home drunk and saw a man in the house. As said by Bly, he started to argue with the man and fought with Bly. When arguing, he pushed down Bly, which causes damage to her knee.

Is Donald Wells Arrested? Is He In Jail

Yes, Donald Wells was arrested for domestic violence, and he was in jail.

He argued with Candus Bly after coming home drunk when he saw a man in the house. He had a strong odor of alcohol and also had a gun in his vehicle.

While arguing, he pushed Bly, and that caused damage to her knee. After that, he started punching his own face and left home. Later on, officials found him and took him into custody, and he was later booked into the Hawkins County Jail.

Bly was frightened, and the next day of the incident, she filed for an Order of Protection against Donald Wells. She said she is afraid for herself and her children.

And, after four days, on the hearing day, she canceled the order of protection.

Donald Wells Wife & Family

Donald is married to his wife, Candus Bly.

It is known they have a daughter, but information regarding their son is not on the internet.

In an interview, Candus has filed an Order of Protection against Donald to protect herself and her children. It means Summer Bay, their daughter isn’t their only child.

Despite that, not much is known about his family members.

Donald Wells Wikipedia

Donald is yet to have his own Wikipedia page bio. 

However, his case bio is found on the internet everywhere. He was arrested on the charge of domestic assault.

He was jailed in Hawkins County Jail. Moreover, looking at his pictures, it seems he is near 45-55 years old. 

His actual age and other birth details are unknown to date.

His Mugshot – Why Was Donald Wells Arrested?

Donald Wells was arrested, and his mugshot is with the officials. 

His cause of arrest was domestic assault. His wife has filed against him, saying he drinks and throws things. And, she was afraid of being hurt and further claimed Wells was abusive mentally and physically.

On the 21st of April in 2021, the charges of domestic assault and unlawful weapon possession were dismissed. However, he pleaded guilty to control of a handgun while under the influence.

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