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Dr. Bradford Langenfeld Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Dr. Bradford Wankhede Langenfeld, or simply Bradford Langenfeld, MD, is an emergency medicine physician in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Not just that, Dr. Langendfeld also provides a full range of emergency medical services in a hospital-based setting. In fact, he is a member of Emergency Physicians and Consultants.

Moreover, Dr. Langenfeld is a very highly qualified doctor who is a specialist in Emergency Medicine. He is currently licensed to practice emergency medicine inside Minnesota.

Bradford Langenfeld Age

Dr. Bradford age information is still void on the internet.

So far now, Dr Bradford has remained silent about his exact date of birth in the public domain. Being a doctor, he likes to keep his personal life away from public attention.

Bradford Langenfeld Wife And Family

Dr. Bradford Langenfeld wife is still a mystery.

Not just that, we’re not even sure if he is married or not as there is no pertinent information regarding Bradford’s marital status or love life on the Web.

Additionally, the Langenfeld family is also out of sight thus far.

Dr. Langenfeld has never disclosed any details about his family members. It is also unknown if he is a single child or has siblings.

Dr Bradford Langenfeld: Derek Chauvin Trial

On the sixth day of the Derek Chauvin Trial case update, the former police officer accused of killing George Floyd.

There were two key witnesses to stand, i.e., the Doctor who spent 30 minutes trying to save Floyd’s life and the chief of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Moreover, Dr. Bradford said that Floyd died due to a lack of oxygen or asphyxia. His testimony has also given the juror a clearer understanding of what happened after Floyd’s scene of the arrest.

Bradford Lagenfeld Wiki Bio

Dr. Langefeld is not available on Wiki Bio.

Well, one can find his information through other Web portals.

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