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Dr. Robert Lesslie Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Dr Robert Lesslie hails from South Carolina, had his own clinic in Rock Hill. 

Well-known as a doctor and author, Dr Robert Lesslie was one of the church members in Rock Hill. Moreover, he was board-certified in emergency medicine and occupational medicine.

As an author, Dr Robert had published at least a dozen of books. Some of his popular writings are Angels In The ERAngels, And HeroesNotes From A Doctor’s Pocket, etc.

Who Was Dr Robert Lesslie Rock Hill SC?

Dr Robert Lesslie from Rock Hill, SC, had work experience of more than 25 years.

During these years, he worked in the busiest ERs in North Carolina. Sadly, Dr Robert was one of the victims of the South Carolina shooting. He was found dead, along with three other family members.

Dr Robert was already 70 years of age when the incident happened on April 8, 2021. According to CBS News, Dr. Lesslie was a prominent personality in his area, and his death deeply saddens the residents.

Meet His Wife Barbara Lesslie

Dr Robert Lesslie was married to his 69 years old wife, Barbara Lesslie.

Sadly, Barabara was also among the five killed in the mass shooting. As per reports claimed by CNN, the authorities have found a suspect who is considered the only assailant.

The suspect was not arrested was found dead in his home, and people want to know why he shot Dr. Lesslie and some of his family members.

Everything On Dr Robert Lesslie Family And Children

Dr Robert and his wife Barbara had a family of six.

Dr Robert Lesslie and his wife shared four children from their relationship.

Moreover, they had eight grandchildren. Among them, Adah Lesslie (9 years old) and Noah Lesslie (5 years old) were also pronounced dead, along with their beloved grandfather.

Furthermore, Dr Robert’s website administrator has posted about his death on the Facebook page. The post shows the positiveness of Dr Robert, who wished to meet a whole bunch of people when he would depart his body.

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