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Einar Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Swedish rapper Einar was shot and killed outside his apartment in Stockholm a year after he was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by rival gangs. 

Einar, whose real name is Nils Gronberg, was an award-winning rapper from Stockholm, Sweden. Out of four music albums he released, two topped the country’s charts. 

Although he began his career by posting songs to social media, it flourished after he released his hit single, Katten i trakten, which hit number one on Sweden’s singles chart. 

Einar was the most streamed artist on Spotify in Sweden in 2019 and won two Grammy awards in 2020 for ‘Newcomer of the Year’ and ‘Hip-hop of the Year.’

The rapper made headlines for several high-profile incidents including being kidnapped and assaulted at the hands of rival gangs last year. 

Now, the singer has died and police are investigating the case with utmost urgency. Why was he killed?

Meet Rapper Einar Girlfriend Alexander Torgip

Einar, born on 5th September 2002, was in a relationship with his girlfriend Alexander Torgip before his sudden death. 

Ms. Torgip, age 19, was spotted multiple times spending time with Einar. they were last seen together in Dubai where they reportedly went to celebrate her birthday.  

Einar was not much of a social media person but Torgip often shared pictures of them together on her Instagram (@alexalexandras). 

At the time of publication, not many personal details have surfaced online about her. 

Rapper: Einar Kidnapping And Death: Was He Raped?

Rapper Einar passed away at age 19 on October 21, 2021. He was brutally shot several times outside an apartment building in Stockholm last night. 

Ambulance personnel attempted their best to save him but he died at the scene. Police have launched a murder investigation but the motive behind the fatal shooting remains unknown for now. 

The Swedish rapper was in the news for his open rivalry with rapper Yasin. The plan was initially aborted but the rival gang called Varby gang eventually kidnapped him several weeks later without Yasin.

However, Yasin was still sentenced to 10 months in jail for his role in the planned kidnapping.

Einar was heavily beaten and robbed during his abduction. The gang claimed they sexually assaulted him in an attempt to humiliate him. 

They also posted his pictures on social while they held him hostage. No one was charged with sexual assault and rape in the case. 

Furthermore, the police authorities are not certain who orchestrated his death but The Sun reported that he was living with a ‘price on his head’ ever since his abduction. 

Two unidentified males were spotted escaping the crime scene. Police used a helicopter to discover the suspect but no one has been arrested so far. 

Details On Einar Family

Einar was the son of Swedish actress Lena Nilsson. He grew up with his family in Enskededalen. 

His mother, Lena is known for appearing in films like Love and Happiness and Videoman. Her television shows include Kaspar i Nudadalen, Morden i Sandhamn, and more.  

Was Einar On Instagram?

Einar was active on Instagram under the handle name @ns1einar.

He had collected more than 275K followers and had a verified account. He was also active on Twitter as @EinrOfficial1.  

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