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Esther Lemus Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Esther Lemus is Sonoma County Deputy District Attorney and Windsor County Councilperson. She has been accused of sexually assaulting Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli. Learn about the accusations made on Esther Lemus and about her husband.

The accusation came after Foppoli himself was accused of sexual assault by 5 women on different occasions over 17 years, starting from 2003 to 2019.

The deputy district attorney opened a criminal investigation on the subject even though many of the alleged incidents fall outside of the state’s limitations.

Who is Esther Lemus’ Husband?

Esther is married to her husband Doug Parker.

It is not known what Doug does for a living. Moreover, the date of their marriage is also not disclosed.

The couple is proud parents of 2 daughters.

Esther Lemus Age: How old is she?

Esther Lemus has not disclosed her age yet.

Esther was born and raised in Santa Rosa. She is the youngest among 5 daughters. 

She moved to Windsor with her parents to attend high school. After high school, she moved to attend college at UC Berkeley. 

She graduated in law from UCLA School of Law, California, and began her career in public service.

Esther worked as an Assistant United States Attorney for the United States Department of Justice for the United States Attorney’s Offices in both the Northern and Southern Districts of California.

She moved back to Sonoma County after meeting her husband and giving birth to her first daughter.

Meet Dominic Foppoli Accuser

Esther Lemus is an accuser of Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli. Although the incidents of allegations were outside the state’s statute of limitations, Esther initiated the criminal investigation against Foppoli. 

Foppoli talked with KTVU news on Sunday, April 11, and blamed Esther Lemus for going to unimaginable lengths to advance her political career and power.

Foppoli further added, despite being a married woman, Lemus had two sexual interactions with him during his campaign for Mayor. He revealed that in reality, Lemus was the one assaulting him.

He has further released a 2-minute video that shows Lemus speaking in favor of electing Foppoli as mayor.

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