Ezra Waters Tiktok: Sexual Assault Allegations

Ezra Waters The TikTok Star is being accused of sexual assault and is facing several allegations. Stay with the article to find out more about Ezra.

Waters is a musician, producer, and artist from Alabama currently residing in Los Angeles. His music genre is soul, R&B, and trap. He previously followed his Southern upbringing and played jazz, but now he has roped in influences from Toronto, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta.

Ezra is getting accused of sexually assaulting a woman. He is facing several allegations of sexual assault and abuse. Since the allegations have surfaced, Waters has deleted all his social media account including, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. 

Is Ezra Waters On Tiktok?

Ezra was active on TikTok with over 139.1k followers and 5 million total likes. However, his account no longer exists on the platform. 

Waters made content around being “conscious” of the struggles minorities go through in their lives. He made young people and fans think they have a safe space for people with his TikTok videos and content. However, the latest sexual assault allegations did not sit well with his fans.

Ezra Waters Sexual Assault Allegations: What Happened?

A Twitter handle under the username @kingnjadaka revealed that Ezra has been exposed for sexually assaulting a woman. The tweet revealed that people need to start talking about how even the “socially conscious” people on the internet are dangerous.

Waters is being called a predator, and his actions have been called gross.

What Did He Do?

Ezra Waters is being accused of sexually assaulting women. It is unclear if the victims were minor or how many victims there were in total.

Investigation might be carried out in this case, and the authorities may reveal more information about the allegations and assault charges.

Ezra has not released any public statement regarding the allegations.

Who Is Ezra Waters?

Waters is one of the artists that proves that no one person has to be bound to one field and not to one genre. He studied political science and Africana studies at Amherst College.

Ezra’s age might be in the mid-20s.

As per Amherst Wire, He is a part of a collective called Nocoast, where individuals welcome influences from every corner and focus on making music they love.

Waters is not on Wikipedia, however, one can read about him on a couple of Wiki-bio pages. There is limited information about the TikTok star on the internet.

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