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Gaige Grosskreutz Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Gaige Grosskreutz is mostly known as the person who was shot by Kyle Rittenhouse. He was the third person who was shot by Kyle. It is known that he is 26 years old and he got shot in the black lives matter protest.

NameGaige Grosskreutz
Age26 years
ProfessionSocial Activist

Police have given information that he is in need of an arm surgery due to the shot. Shooter Rittenhouse was seen having an AR-15-style rifle with him with which he shot the three people. Among the three people who got shot only Gaige is alive whereas the other two who got shot were dead.

Not many details about him are known to the media but there are many people who are wanting to know about 26 years old Gaige who got the shot. As he is a victim of the shot people are wanting to know all the details from him like what happened in the scenario.

10 Facts About Gaige Grosskreutz

The very first thing we must learn about Gaige Grosskreutz is who actually is he. Everyone might remember the protestors who were shot during the Black Lives Matter demonstration in Wisconsin – one of them is Gaige.

What we can tell you is that he was shot in his arm and now, the surgeons have confirmed that he has to undergo surgery to repair his biceps.

After the reports were published, we came to know that his age is just 26 years currently.

As the news is fresh, no wiki sites are ready to publish about him but we have written these 10 facts on him to enlighten everyone. 

Not much is known about his professional life including his wife.

There is no doubt that he can be found on Instagram but the problem is that he is not a celebrity for us to find his Instagram profile – it must be private. 

Gaige is a longtime social activist who had been volunteering as a medic for BLM protests. 

When there were protests in Kenosha, he was there as a volunteer but was allegedly shot by Kyle Rittenhouse. 

Along with Gaige, the 17-years-old Kyle had shot other people too including Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber who are both dead.

As you have been reading his 10 facts, here is the last fact on Gaige – he is an American born in West Allis, Wisconsin. 

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