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Georgi Rusev Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Georgi Rusev is a reality TV star or more precise to say, the boyfriend of a television personality, Darcey Silva. The Bulgarian appeared in an episode of the TLC reality show, 90 Day Fiance. Looks like he is the new boyfriend of the famous star, Darcey Silva. 

Moreover, there are rumors that he will be featured as a major cast in the upcoming season of the TLC dating show. He has already appeared in the show and Darcey is giving hint on social media that she will be shooting for the next season of the show. So, there’s a huge probability that this Bulgarian hottie will be on the big screen. If you are wondering about him, tune in. Here is everything we have got about Darcey Silva’s boyfriend. 

NameGeorgi Rusev
Height5 Feet 9 Inches

10 Facts on Georgi Rusev

Georgi Rusev is a model and television personality who made a slight appearance in the TLC reality show, 90 Day Fiance.

Moreover, he is most famous for dating the 90 Day Fiance star, Darcey Silva. 

As of now, Georgi Rusev is just around 32 years old. 

However, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography, of course. But his girlfriend, Darcey has a wiki biography dedicated to her. 

Similarly, the model’s Instagram account is yet to be tracked. Darcy has more than 900k followers on her famous Instagram account. 

Moving on, Georgi is from Bulgaria. He has been living in the States for a couple of years now. 

As for his job, he is an aspiring model. He appears in the Tv commercials and ads. 

Furthermore, he has a height of around 5 feet and 9 inches. 

Unfortunately, the facts about his family and net worth are still to be determined. 

Georgi Rusev is dating Darcey Silva, who is also known for the TV show, Darcey and Stacey. She appears in the show with her sister. 

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