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Social media like TikTok is giving huge opportunities for every skilled person to show their hidden talent and skills. People do earn huge popularity by creating content online and which can be viewed by millions of viewers. You can make a career from social media and earn both name and fame.

Age19 years

goopie is a TikTok user with the first name Louie who has earned 362K followers by creating content for his viewers. The first name of the star is Louie but the last name is unknown and from his TikTok profile we get to know that he is just 19 years old but has achieved a lot of well wishes and fan following. The star does an amazing dance in his video which made him famous.

10 Facts on Goopie

Goopie is the account name of the 19 years old Louie who earned huge followers on TikTok by creating quality content.

Most of the TikToks of the Louie are based on his own original idea and most of the time he tries to deliver original content.

The 19-year-old kid dances really well and this is the reason for his success.

Louie does use various animation and other techniques to enhance the quality of his content.

The contents of the star are re-uploaded by various YouTubers as the dance steps are really amazing and it is worth sharing.

From the content of the star, we can say that he is of around 4 ft 10 inches – 5 ft 3 inches and he looks a bit short.

Goopie has earned huge fame and success at the age of 19 and he earned 362K followers on his account and 4.9M total likes.

One of the videos of the creator did earn 17.7 million views where he showcased amazing leg dance and which got him huge popularity.

The star has not disclosed any information about his parents and friends on his video.

It looks like the star is single as he has not given any clue about his relationship status.

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