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Hannah Quinn Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Hannah Quinn from Sydney was accused of murdering an Aussie rapper with a samurai sword in broad daylight. Is she now in jail or released?

Hannah Quinn, who was indicted of a horrific murder of McKee in 2018, has avoided jail and pleaded not guilty in NSW Supreme Court, reports Daily Mail.

McKee was killed in the middle of a Forest Lodge street in Sydney’s inner city.

Who Is Hannah Quinn From Sydney?

Sydney resident Hannah Quinn, 26, is an accused murderer of Jett McKee, an Aussie rapper. 

According to witnesses, she slashed a samurai sword over McKee, which led him to bleed as he staggered down a nearby street and fell with a fatal head wound, reports Sunshine coast daily.

However, She and her boyfriend, Blake Davis, 31, blamed each other for killing the rapper after being arrested.

On the contrary, Prosecutor Chris Taylor had alleged the pair chased the 30-year-old rapper down the streets before Quinn pulled him to the ground and Davis hit his head with the sword.

Meet Blake Davis Girlfriend On Instagram

Blake Davis girlfriend Hannah Quinn Instagram has been removed or disabled for now.

However, according to the various news sites, she had an Instagram and Facebook account dedicated to her activism. 

Sunshine Coast Daily reported that she claims to be a human rights and feminism activist who shared hundreds of posts that highlighted her green life choices.

Moreover, Quinn was so obsessed with animal rights and environmentalism that she even changed her name to Hannah Hugs Trees on Facebook.

Is Hannah Quinn Released Or In Jail?

Quinn was cleared and released last year of the murder of Jett McKee.

However, she was later found guilty as an accessory after manslaughter for “temporarily evading” police after a violent robbery in Forst Lodge in August 2018.

Furthermore, on May 7, 2021, she was given a two-year community corrections order, and she would be required to undergo mental health treatment.

Quinn’s sentencing has come almost two months after Davis was given five years and three months sentence for manslaughter, reports ABC News.

However, Quinn has not avoided jail and pleaded not guilty in court. 

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