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Horst Lichter Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Who is Horst Lichter? Learn about him via Wikipedia. Currently, he is treasuring a soothing life with his wife, Nada.

Horst is a famous German chef, cookbook author, and TV personality who is popular for Bares für Rares (2013), Das Traumschiff (1981) and Die Küchenschlacht (2008).

The chef is really humorous in nature and has even said his childhood dream was to be a clown and make people laugh. 

He has won the Golden Camera Award – Audience Vote / Best Docutainment Show and the Deutscher Fernsehpreis – Best Factual Entertainment.Moreover, aside from his humorous personality, his beard is his trademark feature. 

Horst Lichter Wikipedia and Age

Horst Lichter has already been featured on Wikipedia. 

As a prevalent German TV personality, it is not a surprise that he has many Wiki sites dedicated to him. 

His Wikipedia is available in two languages: English and German, with German Wikipedia having more information. 

On the other hand, he also has a profile on IMDb. 

Likewise, Horst Lichter’s age is 59 years old, and his birthday falls on January 15. 

He was born in the year 1962 in Nettersheim, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. 

Who is Horst Lichter Wife?

Lichter’s wife is Nada Lichter. 

Nada is his third wife, and they were married on August 28, 2009. 

Before marrying Nada, he was married to Christine Lichter and Maggie Lichter. The chef had a total of 4 children.

From his first wife, he had 3 children, but his third child died as an infant. 

Similarly, he got blessed with a daughter from his second marriage. 

What is His Net Worth?

According to networthpost, Horst Lichter’s net worth is $400,000. 

However, many other sites have claimed his net worth to be 3 million – 4.5 million euros. 

Meet Horst on Instgram

Horst is available and active on Instagram.

His account is @horstlichter__offiziell which is already verified with over 43.9k followers. 

Furthermore, he is also on Facebook @horstlichter, which too is verified.

The chef has more than 261.8k followers. 

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