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Iamdung6 is a popular TikTok star. She got famous after her video of having dung all over her body went viral.

NameDelena Christ

She got popular after her video went viral. She is mostly known for her slogan “Where shit happens and where shit is glorified”. Her response is to know the discoloration. 

She is known to establish and teach the Ministry of Dungs.

10 Facts On Iamdung6

I am Dung 6 exact birthdate is unknown. Nor her age is known. She may be running in her forties but the exact number is not published.

By judging from her pictures she seems to be of moderate height. Her body weight also seems to be maintained. But the actual height facts are unknown yet.

Neither is her income known nor her net worth is known. In fact, her sources of income are also not available. 

When talking about her personal life like details about her husband or marriage there is nothing found. She has only shared her approach, not about her personal life-related things. 

Her family details have also not been published yet. Nor she herself has explained anything about her family. 

Her education or studies is also not obtained yet.

Her real name is Delena Christ. She has explained her self as a self-centered woman in her blog on-site in Iamdung.com.

Delena has covered herself in poop in a video. We can also see her video on TikTok which went Viral. She has a TikTok account with 1071 followers and has been following 36 accounts. She has in fact 3597 likes on her account. 

She has explained her approach to glorify God. She also says it is a true Gospels teachings. 

She is also quite active on Instagram and Twitter. She has 176 followers on Instagram and about 40 followers on her Twitter. 

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