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Ilir Shaqiri Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

The famous ballerina of Albania, Ilir Shaqiri is taking part in the reality tv show Big Brother VIP in his forties. Get to know more about the news below.

Ilir Shaqiri is an Albanian dancer known as the judge of multiple tv reality dance shows.

He is the regular judge of the show Dancing With The Stars, an Albanian dance competition show.

After years of judging, he will be now competing as the contestant and will be judged by the entire public.

The show Big Brother VIP aired its first episode yesterday, on 5th October. You can catch the show only on Top Channel.

Ilir Shaqiri Wikipedia and Age

Looking at his work timeline, it is easy to guess the age of Ilir Shaqiri is no more than 45 and no less than 40.

Thus, his age lies in the sweet spot somewhere between 40-45 years old.

Decades ago, he began as a ballerina dancer in the theatres of Albania. Eventually, he made his way to Italy as a dancer.

There he got to up his game to the point where he was the professional dancer of the Italian show  Amici di Maria De Filippi.

He was also a member of the notorious group Buona Domenica. Over the years, he progressed to become a teacher opening his own studio and then, slowly into reality shows.

Ilir Shaqiri Partner Name Revealed

Emanuela Morini is the partner of Ilir Shaqiri and they are also lawfully wedded husband and wife.

Back in Albania, Emanuela does not need an introduction of herself. She is quite known for the opera show she acted in, Vivere. 

Together, the partners gave birth to their first and only child, Emily Shaqiri on 16th October 2004. She was born in Rome also has an Albanian nationality.

Emily is also a ballerina dancer following the legacy of her father, writes Class Lifestyle. She also sings in the popular girl band Miracle Tunes. The group is one of the best young music groups in Albania. She is also a model.

Ilir Shaqiri Family Ethnicity

Ilir Shaqiri has a family of three, including his wife and his daughter. Meanwhile, his ethnicity is that of Italian-Albanian origin.

There is not much known about the parents of Shaqiri. However, we do know that one of them is Italian providing the Italian descent of Shaqiri.

Hopefully, Shaqiri will discuss his parents on the Big Brother VIP, where all the celebrity contestants are isolated from the outer world.

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