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Jack Brooksbank Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Jack Brooksbank has yet another scandal to his name. Read below to know if he is cheating on his wife, Princess Eugenie.

Professionally, Jack is a businessman and bar manager. Currently, he is the brand ambassador of Casamigos tequila. 

Previously, he worked as a general manager at Mahiki. Reportedly, he is in remainder to the Brooksbank baronetcy.

What Did Jack Brooksbank Do? Scandal Explained

Jack Brooksbank was spending a wonderful weekend in Capri. However, it seems he has some explaining to do after his recent scandal went viral.

According to Daily Mail, Jack was clasping a glass of rosé with some of his female friends. He looked relaxed on the Mediterranean island while his better half took care of a recently born son.

Undoubtedly, he had an outstanding Friday after riding in a classic 26ft ‘gozzo’ boat. But, well, he was waiting for the UNICEF Summer Gala.

Reportedly, he was the sponsor for the star-studded event. But, shockingly, the ticket prices were ranged from £8,000 to £25,000.

Furthermore, Jack was accompanied by super hot models, Rachel Zalis, Maria Buccellati, and Erica Pelosini. Interestingly, Maria wrapped him around her arms and shared a picture on her Instagram.

Indeed, the snap raised a controversy that even questioned Jack’s loyalty to his life partner. As a result, fans are wondering what is going on between the two good friends.

Jack Brooksbank Wife Princess Eugenie Speaks On Controversy

Jack Brooksbank and his wife, Princess Eugenie are married since 2018. However, it seemed there was a problem between the two after the recent speculations.

However, Eugenie hasn’t spoken about the case yet. Well, she trusts her husband more than anyone in this world.

Recently, the couple gave birth to their first child, August Philip Hawke Brooksbank. He is just five months old remains eleventh in the line to ascend the throne.

Moreover, Jack and his spouse started to date in 2011. Previously, they resided in St James’s Palace. After their marriage, the pair moved to Ivy Cottage.

Is Jack Really Cheating On Princess Eugenie?

No, Jack Brooksbank is not cheating on his longtime girlfriend. Recently, Princess Eugenie’s mom, Sarah, defended her fabulous son-in-law.

According to EOnline, Jack was only doing his work as an ambassador. But, probably, he was planning for his future events with the models.

At this hour, Eugenie stayed home with her son. Else, she would have joined the squad on the boozy boat ride.

Well, Sarah believes the pictures weren’t what they looked like. She considers her daughter’s husband is a man of integrity.

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