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Jakob Hausmann Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

People wish to know if Jakob Hausmann is on Wikipedia or not. Read until the end to find the answer.

Professionally, Jakob Hausmann is a chef known to be the Restaurant Little Switzerland owner for 22 years. He is best known for his culinary experiences, which provided us with gastronomic classicism and molecular modernism.

Is Jakob Hausmann On Wikipedia?

Jakob Hausmann is yet to be available on Wikipedia.

We suggest finding his career bio on his official LinkedIn profile.

Moreover, the chef remains active on Twitter, where he has already gained more than 20 followers. Some of the other social media platforms he is active on are Facebook (6.9 thousand followers), Instagram (63.7 thousand followers), and YouTube (43 subscribers).

Jakob Hausmann Age: How Old Is He?

Jakob Hausmann’s age is unknown.

However, we can be assured that he is around his 50s currently.

Jakob was born in Steckborn, Switzerland, and moved to Romania in 1991. He opened his restaurant, Mica Elveție Restaurant, in 1998 on his birthday. 

Thus, we can claim that his nationality is Swiss. When he was in Switzerland, he had already obtained two molecular cooking diplomas in culinary arts.

Meet His Wife

Jakob Hausmann is married to his lovely wife, Crenguța Hausmann.

She assists him in bringing culinary excellence to Bucharest, Romania.

Currently, we remain unsure about his children and other family members. Among the various awards he has achieved, his favorite award is Distinction for culinary art – Mihai Eminescu.

Jakob Net Worth Explored

As a chef and businessman, Jakob Hausmann’s net worth is probably in the millions.

However, he has not yet revealed what his exact net worth is.

Since Jakob is the owner of his own restaurant, we can be clear that he is not getting his own salary. He is happy to be a part of the economic success of Mica Elveție Restaurant.

According to Business Review, his restaurant made revenue of 35,000 euros in the past decade. That’s nearly equivalent to $41 million.

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