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Janine Pelosi Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Who is Janine Pelosi? Janine Pelosi is most of the time known as Chief Marketing Officer at Zoom Video Communications. Zoom is one of the most used video communication apps these days as everything is being digitalized. Its already been 15 years since Janine Pelosi started working in the technological industry.

NameJanine Pelosi
ProfessionCMO at Zoom
Net Worth$67.9 million
Children1 Daughter
EducationSan Jose State University
Instagram@janine_pelosi (private)
Facebook@anine.pelosi (private)

Are Janine Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi related? This question is being asked again and again as she and Nancy Pelosi share the same surname but they both are not related to each other. As she is the CMO of Zoom there are people who are wanting to know about her lifestyle and her personal life. Some facts about one of the powerful ladies in the industry are listed below.

She first stepped into the technological industry by working as an advertising specialist in WebEx. Starting her career as an advertising specialist today she is the CMO at Zoom.

10 Facts on Janine Pelosi

Janine Pelosi is the Chief Marketing Officer who has been currently working for Zoom Video Communications.

The information related to her is not available on Wikipedia but is merely available on LinkedIn.

From her social media account, we know that she is a married woman, and she shares a daughter with her husband. But, we know nothing about her parents and other members of her maternal family.  

People have related Janine Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi but in truth, they have not got any relationship with one another. The main confusion arose mainly because of the surname they share.

She is an American whose ethnicity is probably white. 

The CMO of Zoom first started as the Head of Marketing, and later also worked as the Head of Marketing and Online Business.

Janine has an estimated net worth of nearly $67.9 million as of 2020.

She has a stock worth of over $566 thousand in Zoom Video Communications

Talking about her education, she has a BS degree in Marketing under her name, which she earned from San Jose State University

Moving on to her social media, we can find her on Facebook (private), Instagram (private), and Twitter (1.6 thousand followers). 

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