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Jennifer Arcuri Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Jennifer Arcuri is an entrepreneur and a businesswoman who has worked in the technology business since 2011. At that time, she has also become one of the most popular names in the British tech business. 

Arcuri has also made the headlines for her friendship with then London Mayor Boris Johnson in 2011. In addition to this, in October 2020, she admitted to having an affair with the UK Prime Minister Johnson after allegations of him giving her favorable treatment surfaced. Read her bio below.

NameJennifer Arcuri
BirthdayFebruary 1985
Net Worth£-1.5 million ($-1,937,248.50)
WifeMatthew Hickey
Children1 daughter

10 Facts About Jennifer Arcuri

Jennifer Arcuri’s net worth of £-1.5 million ($-1,937,248.50) according to Company Check. Similarly, the source also reports that she has liabilities of £1.6 million has assets of £89,500 ($115,000). 

Arcuri gathered most of her assets from her businesses in the tech business. 

Other than her career, she is also known for her alleged affair with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. She came out and admitted to the reported affair in October 2020. 

She and the PM had also been in the headline after many sources alleged that he had used his former position as London Mayor to give her favorable treatment. 

Her company also received £10,000 ($12900) from a mayoral fund in 2013, while Johnson was still a Mayor.

In similar fashion, the next year, she also won £15,000 ($19,000) from another government program. 

The PM had not said that they were having an affair and evidence surfaced that he had let her on trade missions and trips.   

An investigation was launched into the affair in September 2019 but it concluded that there was no hard evidence that Johnson’s decisions were influenced by his relationship with Jennifer.  

She is a married woman and has a husband named Matthew Hickey.

They had a daughter together in 2017. They moved to Orange County, California, USA. 

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