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Is Jessica Fuentes Racist? She is a new trending topic on TikTok as everyone is curious to know about her. Let’s discover more about Jessica.

Jessica is a new hot topic on the internet, mainly on TikTok. Her video is getting viral on this platform, and everyone is searching for her bio. She called attention from the public after being racist.

Fuentes made racist comments for a guy who uploaded a video on TikTok, and it went viral all over the social platforms. Fuentes has claimed the guy of recording herself and her kids without permission.

Due to this reason, she harassed the guy by saving he is Mexican and is illegal in the country. Furthermore, the incident occurred in a parking area in South Carolina near the chase bank in the movie theater.

Fuentes talked about ethnicity about the guy who recorded her. Also, she admitted that it is illegal to take video without taking her permission. Many people have shared their thought on this viral video.

And they have also claimed that Jessica Fuentes is racist. 

Is Jessica Fuentes Racist?

Reportedly, Jessica Fuentes is a racist.

The question about this topic started to gain attention after her video went viral on the internet. A guy recorded Jessica and her kids in a parking area without her permission.

In the respective video, Fuentes has told him various racist words him.

Also, people have made videos in it and have tagged her as a racist.

Fuentes also called the police. Meanwhile, the video was uploaded by a TikTok user. Furthermore, her comments have been criticized by many people on social media.

Jessica Fuentes Age and Family

Jessica Fuentes’ age appears to be between 30 to 40 years.

There are no exact details of her age, but we can speculate by judging her appearance.

Meanwhile, there is not much info about her family, but she had also mentioned her kids in the viral video. So, we can be clear that Fuentes is a married woman and has kids.

Reportedly, Fuentes also has an 18 years old daughter.

Jessica Fuentes Reddit Updates And Facebook: Is She Arrested?

Jessica Fuentes’ incident has been taking over the internet and on Reddit too.

Her racist video was uploaded on Reddit, where many people have criticized it. Also, the viral clip has been tagged as a racist freakout.

Moreover, Fuentes also can be found on Facebook.

Her Facebook was revealed by a guy on Twitter and has explained something about her works. It is also mentioned that Fuentes and her daughter were previously arrested for beating a woman in the middle of a mall.

We can find more details about the incident on the internet.

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