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What happened to the social media star, Jimmy Lewin? Why is he in the hospital? Jimmy Lewin is a fitness blogger and bodybuilder who has a huge social media following along with his wife, Michele. He and his wife are very popular on Instagram because of their fitness tips and gym tutorials. 

Unfortunately, Jimmy has been hospitalized recently. His wife confirmed via her Instagram account that he is currently hospitalized and is in a critical situation. Looking into further details, it has been confirmed that the fitness model has suffered from liver failure and his condition is worsening. His wife has requested everyone to keep him in their prayers. Here are the top 10 facts you need to know about him.

NameJimmy Lewin
Height5 feet 10 inches
ProfessionFitness Model
WifeMichele Lewin

10 Facts on Jimmy Lewin

Jimmy Lewin is a fitness blogger, bodybuilder, and model best known for his eponymous Instagram account. 

The model is married to Michele Lewin, who is also a fitness model. The couple makes videos together on social media. 

Moreover, Jimmy is currently ill and is in hospital as of now. His wife has confirmed the reports about his illness. 

Sadly his condition is a critical one and it doesn’t seem to be improving at the moment. 

Jimmy is originally from Sweden. But his wife is Venezuelan. They met each other in Venezuela. 

They have been together for several years now. They do not have any children yet. 

Similarly, Jimmy is around 35 years old at the moment. He looks excessively fit and fine physically but he is currently being diagnosed for liver failure. 

The model couple is very much famous on Instagram. Jimmy has around 750k followers and Michele has whopping 13 million fans on Instagram. 

Moreover, Michele has requested everyone to keep him in their prayers as his condition is getting worse. 

Despite being a famous bodybuilder, Jimmy doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography. But his wiki can be found on several websites. 

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