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John Boockvar Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

John Boockvar is a doctor by his profession. Many people address him as Dr. John Boockvar. He is a Neurosurgeon who recently caught the limelight for being the best neurosurgeon.Quick Facts:

NameJohn Boockvar
ProfessionNeurosurgeon, Television Personality
WifeJodi Boockvar
EducationUniversity of Pennsylvania

He currently works as vice-chairman and as also a professor in Lenox Hill Hospital Zucker Shcool of Medicine at the department on Neurosurgery. His specialties are brain tumors and Pituitary or Neuroendocrine Centers. He is also known as the top doctor of New York. He has also received a lot of awards for his good works and his humanitarian work.

His details are available on some online sites. His patients are also seen saying that he is a very good doctor. He was also featured on many channels which include CNN, ABC, CNBC. He can also be known as media personality as he has been hosting a series in Zoom which is open for everyone.

10 Facts About John Boockvar:

John Boockvar is an MD who completed his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Although we have no idea regarding his age, we know that this guy is currently in her forties. 

He is not that popular to be assigned his own Wikipedia page but his continuous hard work might lead him to get one very soon.

There is not a single piece of information about his salary as well as his net worth.

It has been confirmed that John has been married to the love of his life, Jodi Boockvar. 

He and his wife Jodi share a total number of 4 children according to various official reports.

He is actually well-known as a neurosurgeon who has been currently appearing in the popular Netflix series named Lenox Hill.

All we know about his family members is that they all are American. 

To find his bio, we need deep research because not much is given about him on the internet.

This neurosurgeon is even available on Twitter and also the popular social media Instagram. 

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