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Jon Venverloh Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Facts

Jon Venverloh is a former Google executive and school board member who resigned from his post as the board member after it was revealed that his wife had made racist Tweet’s about Kamala Harris. 

Venverloh had taken to Twitter to question Harris’s qualification to be elected into office, she also went on to make an incredibly offensive statement in which she talked about the Vice President-elect’s private parts. 

NameJon Venverloh
Birthday3rd October 1972
ProfessionFormer Google Executive and President of San Francisco School Board
Net Worth$4 million
WifeMehridith Venverloh
Children4 daughters

10 Facts About Jon Venverloh

Jon Venverloh’s estimated net worth in 2020 is around $4 million as per EDB. He earned his fortune from his job at Google and his subsequent post as a member of the San Francisco Bay Area school board. 

His wife is Mehridith Venverloh, she is the one who posted the racists and misogynistic tweets about VP Kamala Harris.  

In the tweet, his wife had said “all she needs to be qualified is a black p***y! No brain needed!”. Due to her incredibly offensive Tweet about the senator and VP-elect Kamala Harris, her husband Jon has resigned from his post as president of a San Francisco Bay Area school board. 

Together, Jon and his wife Mehridith Venverloh have 4 daughters together. 

Both she and her husband received incredible scrutiny for her offensive Tweet. 

Venverloh’s age is 48 years old as of November 2020, he was born on 3rd October 1972. He is an American and was born in the USA. 

The Tweet has since been deleted but the things she said are still fresh in the memory of those who saw it.

Her social media Tweet started an immediate backlash and the demand for her husband’s resignation was started. 

Jon confirmed that his wife had said offensive things but reiterated that he did not agree with his wife’s derogatory views. 

He also apologized for his spouse’s actions. 

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