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Jonathan Leder Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Who is photographer Jonatha Leder? This question is being surfaced over the internet now. A 29-year old model, Emily Ratajkowski has accused photographer Jonathan Leder of sexual misconduct. The incident which she claims took play in 2012 is now has come into the public.

Since then, Jonathan Leder has been the center of attention for netizens and media outlets alike.

Speaking to the media in September 2020, the 29-year old model revealed that the photographer Jonathan misheard with her during her 2012 nu** photoshoot.

NameJonathan Leder
Agearound 40 years old
Height5 feet 7 inches approx.

Not only Jonathan is being accused of sexual misconduct by the adult model, but he also published her nu** images without her consent. The photoshoot that Emily is speaking of took place in the early days of her modeling career. Back then she was doing the nu** photoshoot for a New York Magazin’s The Cut.

Here, find out some lesser-known facts about photographer Jonathan Leder.

10 Facts on Jonathan Leder

If you too are wondering who photographer Jonathan Leder is, he is an American adult photographer who works for a few publications from the United States. 

At a point, he was associated with The Cut, New York Magazine’s sister publication house.

In September 2020,  a model by the name Emily Ratajkowski has accused this American photographer of sexual misconduct during a nu** photoshoot back in 2012. 

The photoshoot which Emily spoke of in the media took place at Jonathan Leder’s house in Catskills, New York State.

Despite Emily’s claims, Leder has denied her sexual assault charges. 

The detail about Jonathan’s family background and early life is not discussed in the media. He is an American national and his ethnicity is white.

If Google Jonathan Leder’s pictures, there not much to look for. Also, he does not have a public social media account.

You can find him on Instagram as @jonathan_leder. But his Instagram page is not public. Though his pictures are missing, he could be around 5 feet and 7 inches tall. 

Though he has been working as a photographer for at least a decade, he does not have a Wikipedia page. So, his age and birthday detail are missing. He could be around 40 years old now.

The average earning of an adult photographer in the US is $74,741. Jonathan could have amassed decent net worth through his job.

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