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Juliacarolann Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Early Life, Career, Facts

Juliacarolann is the new TikTok star who is viral after her video about rating  Kylie Jenner in TikTok burst internet 4 days ago. Although with her new viral stats, there is no concrete information about age and date of birth on the internet today. Juliacarolann worked as a waitress in fancy restaurants in Manhattan.

AgeIn her Twienties
ProfessionTikTok star, Resturant Hostess

Juliacarolann told about her horrible experience with Jenner sisters as she rated them very low about them.TikTok star also told that she was star-struck while meeting Beyonce as she happened to be a big fan of her. Also, Nick Jonas and Josh Peck were also mentioned in her video where she praised them on their manners to talk with fans.

10 Facts on Juliacarolann

Juliacarolann the new viral TikTok sensation, has no age information but she seems to be in her twenties.

In her first video, Juliacarolann stared with the beautiful Gigi Hadid and her sister Bella who were very friendly with her so she rated them at 10/10,

Then, TikTok star talked about Cameron Dallas who called and tried to use his celebrity card so she only rates him with 4 out of 10.

Juliacarolann claims to have to meet Hailey Bieber many times and all those times she has treated her badly which is why Haily only got 3.5/10.

At last on her first video, TikTok star Juliacarolann got angry about fewer tips that Kylie Jenner gave on a $500 bill.

After 3 days of her first video which has got 12.8 million views, Juliacarolann dropped the second video yesterday that jas got6.5 million views till now.

Juliacarolann mentioned Josh Peck and Nick Cannon who were every friendly with her and said that they were her crush.

After Kylie, Juliacarolann again crushed Kendall as she only rated her  4 out of 10.

Juliacarolann talked very fondly about Beyonce as she was star-struck with Beyonce’s good behavior.

After two videos, Juliacarolann has been very famous and if she uploads some more on this content she will be very huge in TikTok.

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