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Karissa Rajpaul Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Karissa Rajpaul lost her life at the age of 26. She had an illegal surgery that she underwent for her buttock enlargement. Get to know more about her here in this article.

Karissa starts with a selfie and quickly shows the buttocks enlargement going behind her as she lay on a table in Encino in September of 2020, in a frightening video shared to social media.

It was the second of three operations scheduled within a month. She was found dead immediately after the third operation.

Who Was Karissa Rajpaul?

Karissa Rajpaul was one of the clients of Libby Adame And Alicia Gomez, who goes by the name La Tia.

She was a talented adult movie star who relocated to Southern California from South Africa in search of new possibilities in the industry.

Karissa Rajpaul Age 

Karissa was 26 years old of age at the time of her death.

However, there are no details of her birthdate, so; we couldn’t unveil much data related to her birth.  She was not featured on the Wikipedia page as she was just an ordinary girl living an everyday life before all this incident happened that ended her life.

Was La Tia Arrested?

Libby Adame and Alicia Gomez, La Tia, were arrested for illegally injecting the liquified silicon mix into a customer during a butt-boosting operation. 

According to the detective, they used to transfer goods in their own house without incident.

These supplies were readily available since they are standard emergency supplies that individuals store in their homes in case of a disaster.

According to the investigator, there may be other victims than Rajpaul, and the police have asked them to come forward and speak with them if they have been in a similar scenario.

Karissa Rajpaul Family

There are no details about Rajpul’s family on the internet.

We couldn’t trace any further details about her as her family went through such a tragic loss. We sent our heartful condolence to her family and friends. Likewise, there are no details about her husband on the internet.

Karissa On Instagram

We could not find Karissa either on Instagram or any other social media platform.

She was either using IG with another name, or she was not active there at all.

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