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Khalid Kasem Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Who is Khalid Kasem? His business partner Peter de Vries was shot five times on July 6 and passed away on July 15. Know his age and Wikipedia.

Kasem is a professional lawyer. He is the owner of De Vries and Kasem law firm. Moreover, he is also a lecturer at Dutch Bar Association.

We’re in complete shock that his law firm partner Peter de Vries succumbed to gunshot injuries on July 15. Two people have been arrested and remain in custody in link to the incident.

Who Is Khalid Kasem?

Khalid Kasem is a Moroccan-Dutch lawyer.

Kasem has had a law firm together with Peter R. De Vries and his son.

He is the owner of De Vries and Kasem law firm, a law firm in Amsterdam that stands against cybercrime, criminal law, corporate law, employment, and sports law.

Kasem has been self-employed since 2011. He has registered the areas of law in the register of legal areas of the Netherlands Bar.

Moreover, he also works as a guest teacher at the KNVB’s Professional Football Coach training.

Everything On Partner Peter de Vries

Khalid Kasem had a law firm partner Peter de Vries.

The 64-year-old de Vries was shot five times in broad daylight after leaving a TV studio on July 6. He succumbed to his gunshot injuries after nine days.

Thousands of people queued for hours at the Carre Theatre in Amsterdam to pay their respects at the coffin of crime reporter de Vries.

Khalid Kasem Age Uncovered

Khalid Kasem is 43 years of age.

The Moroccan-Dutch lawyer was born on 30th May 1978 in Nieuwegein. 

He is a legal all-rounder, who shot right off for himself as a criminal lawyer, but is also a formidable opponent in the civil field.

Is He Seen On Wikipedia?

Khalid Kasem Wikipedia is already seen.

He has already got mentioned on the internet’s encyclopedia but lacks a well-maintained page.

He is also a lawyer for a famous Dutch-speaking rapper Boef and spokesperson for the family of football player Abdelhak Nouri.

Other than that, we can find Khalid Kasem on Linkedin’s bio. As per his Linkedin profile, he is the owner of De Vries & Kasem Advocaten since November 2017.

He has attended the VU Law Academy learning Course Specialization Criminal Law and Association of Supervisors in Housing Corporations learning Course for prospective supervisory directors at housing corporations, and other education institute.

Kasem’s net worth is in the millions.

Get To Know Ridouan Taghi Investigation

Khalid Kasem law firm partner Peter de Vries assassination has tied to Ridouan Taghi.

Police are looking for possible links to the shooting and ultimate death of Peter de Vries in the Ridouan Taghi investigation.

Taghi, who has close links to the Irish crime boss Daniel Kinahan is linked to the assassination of a prominent Dutch crime journalist.

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