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Kirsten Johnson Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Kristen Johnson is a very reputed and popular American filmmaker. She is known to have made some very motivational and inspiring documentaries that have been very meaningful to the public. The filmmaker also has contributed her work to some of the oscar-winning films.

However, her recent work on the documentary ‘Dick Johnson is Dead‘ got popularity because of its unusual issue. The film is all about how her Dad is dealing with his condition i.e. dementia. Kristen has filmed her Dad in the film by repetitively killing him until he finally dies which absolutely left the spectators speechless and made them face their fears of death. She said in an interview about the whole idea regarding the film which actually popped up after she had an unusual dream of a man in a casket who claimed himself to be Dick Johnson. 

According to her, the whole plot was very risky and grave and at times she also thought of quitting however the thought of dealing with the issue not only for her father but also for thousands of dementia patients kept her going.

NameKirsten Johnson
BirthdayOctober 12
ParentsRichard Johnson

10 Facts on Kristen Johnson

Kristen Johnson is a veteran filmmaker born on October 12, 1965, in Seattle, the US which makes her 54 years old at the present time.

She holds American nationality but sadly there is no information about her ethnic and religious backgrounds.

The filmmaker is amazingly tall with a very maintained body however there are no accurate measurements of her height and body weight. She is a fitness freak but loves doing yoga and meditation instead of working out and going to the gym.

Kristen has produced different films like the Cameraperson, Citizenfour, the Oath, The Invisible War, etc and each of the films is about different subjects. 

However, her recent documentary film, ‘Dick Johnson is Dead‘ presented by Netflix is with the best usual strong among all. The film has beautifully presented the adverse sides of one of the critical disorders, dementia.

Kristen’s father who has played Dick Johnson in the movie is Richard Johnson who is a former mental health care professional who was retired long ago. Her mother was also a dementia patient who is no longer alive.

There is not much information about Kristen’s personal life due to which the marital status couldn’t be obtained.

The filmmaker is not very much into social media as she is not available either on Instagram and on Twitter.

With all the films and documentaries made, she is not expected to make any less amount of money.

Kristen owns a Wiki profile but despite that, much information about her is still to be unleashed.

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