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Kollege Kidd Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Co-founder Ray Autry, Kollege Kidd death has made the sensation on the internet. He was a digital content creator who died of Covid in Chicago according to various sources.

One of the Kollege Kidd co-owner Ray Autry aka Raysean Autry, has passed away due to Covid. 

Fans have been posting condolences and memories to their popular hip-hip artist who started to become famous in 2011. 

RIP: What Has Kollege Kidd Death Left Behind? 

Fans say Kollege Kidd death has left behind the legacy of struggles that any hip-hip artist would face in their early life. 

According to Kollege Kidd official, the Instagram page, which has over 1.2m followers, the official owner of Kollege Kidd is the Autry brothers: Raysean Autry and Richard Autry.

One of which Raysean Autry had passed away due to an acute infection of Covid.

Apart from the official Kollege Kidd official page Ray also has his personal page under his name which has over 26.7 followers. His Instagram page reads that he is a visionary content creator and Filmmaker.

Who is Co-Founder Ray Autry Of Kollege Kidd?

Ray Autry was the co-founder of Kollege Kidd who came to light because of unique content on youtube and his personal blog. 

Some of Ray’s fans claim that he was a Hip-Hop blogger who inspired the younger generation through his music and digital content since 2011. 

According to his Facebook page, he lived in Los Angeles, California. The reason for death is assumed to be Covid as of now, however; inside information is yet to be validated by the authorities. 

We will keep on posted regarding his last days in this section for additional information.

How Old Was Kollege Kidd Ray Autry? Age & Real Name Exposed

Kollege Kidd Ray Autry age looked nearly around the mid-thirties. However, the exact information on his actual date of birth is not yet flashed out. 

He also went by Raysean Autry, which seems to be his official family name.

He was known by three names: Ray Autry, Kollege Kidd and Raysean Autry. 

The audiences of Kollege Kidd are pouring condolences to their favourite artist who had a neck to neck competition with DJ Akademiks around 2011-2012.

How Rich Was Kollege Kidd Co-Owner Ray Autry? Net Worth Explored

The estimated net worth of Ray Autry is estimated around $1 million. Nevertheless, this utmost wealth lay on his massive fan following and the growth of his channel.

He had a vast potential to portray relevant trending digital content through his social media and official website.

The official Youtube channel of Kollege kid had amassed 371k subscribers to this date and counting looking at the nature of his content. 

We offer our heartfelt condolences to Ray’s family left behind. RIP Kollege Kidd!

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