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Larry Hoover Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Larry Hoover is an infamous American gang leader who founded a gang in Chicago and was charged for murders, criminal enterprise, and money laundering. He got served 6 lifetimes in prison which is up to 200 years.

If you think that’s harsh, you have to see his crimes and you will be glad that he is in prison. He is serving his time now and it looks like he is going to die inside the prison for sure. It took 17 years of investigation to finally find a shred of evidence and lock him behind the bars.

Larry was found guilty of murdering a man by the name of William Young in 1973 and also found guilty of money laundering and other gang-related activities. The government had a faint idea of what he was doing but they needed evidence to prosecute him.

After 17 years of investigation, he was finally brought down by an undercover agent after he could be prosecuted for drug selling, extortion, and vast criminal history carried out by his gang.

Is Larry Hoover Released From Prison?

No, Larry Hoover has not been out of the prison. He is serving his sentence for the various crimes that he did and he has to serve 200 years in prison. Since no one survives until 200 years, it means that he is there for life. There have been pleas from his family and him for the sentence to be reduced but so far nothing like that has happened.

Kanye West requested President Donald Trump to commute the life sentence of Larry Hoover and tried to portray Larry in a bit positive light but the president hasn’t done anything. President has signed the legislation that allows inmates to seek the reduction of their prison sentencing and that’s the only hope for Hoover now.

According to this post, Larry had a session in court that could possibly mean him getting out of prison but right now, he is in the prison.

Larry Hoover Release Date

Larry Hoover was sentenced to prison for a lifetime but that could change with the new federal law. If the federal law ensures his release, he would still have to serve prison in Illinois Department of Correctness. In that case, his parole date will be April 2, 2064.

Larry Hoover Wife: Bertha Mosby

According to Larry’s Wikipedia page, Bertha Mosby is the woman he got married to. They didn’t have a “happily ever after” because Larry is in prison and that must be really for Bertha.

However, there is conflicting information on the internet. This site says that Larry is married to Winndye Jenkins Winndye was pregnant at the time of Larry’s conviction and had a baby alone. She and Larry have accused ADX Florence- the prison holding Larry Hoover of deliberately making her family apart and they are hoping to finally bring Larry out.

People in the community also have his back but not all of them certainly. Some of his supporters want him back with his family and think that he is a political prisoner and a very wonderful leader.  Jenkins claimed that they have lost the visitation rights of Larry many times and strongly said that the State of Chicago has been on the wrong side of this.

Larry Hoover Family

According to his Wikipedia, Larry has 3 sons – Larry Bernard, Larry Hoover Jr, and Tyree Hoover.

This is the picture of his son- Larry Hoover Jr. Larry also has grandchildren but he hasn’t been able to meet them because he is in a high-security prison.

Larry Hoover Net Worth

We have no details about Larry’s net worth but will update on that if the information is published.

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