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Levi Suwitha Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Levi Suwitha death and tragic elephant accident. Here’s everything to know about the trending video.

I Nyoman Levi Suwitha, aka, Mangku Levi was an elephant handler. Reportedly, he was the owner of Bakas Levi Rafting And Elephant Tours.

According to Nyoman Merta, he was suffering from heart disease. Thus, there is a controversy about his cause of death ever since the horrifying incident.

Who Was Levi Suwitha? Read His Obituary

Levi Suwitha was an elephant lover and businessperson. Well, his family hasn’t published an official obituary yet.

Nevertheless, netizens have provided condolences to Levi’s loved ones. It’s been four years since the accident, and we hope his soul is resting in peace today.

Reportedly, he had worked with elephants for almost 20 years. His management team claims he was always caring towards the animals.

Moreover, everybody at Bakas Levi Rafting admired his works. Indeed, he was an inspiration to all the animal lovers around his country.

Indeed, Levi was born to Indonesian parents. According to The Jakarta Post, he was already 60 years of age when he passed away.

Furthermore, Suwitha elephant facility tours from his company. Even today, his establishment is open every single day from 9 AM to 4 PM.

What Happened To Levi Suwitha? Tragic Elephant Accident Explained

Levi Suwitha died in an elephant accident on April 28, 2017. Reportedly, his death cause is termed purely accidental.

The Klungkung Police chief Arendra Wahyudi reported that he visited the elephant cage at 10: 20 AM. As always, he fed his animals the same way he used to do.

When he approached one of his male Lampung elephants, it suddenly attacked him. As of now, we are unsure if he had harmed the creature in any way.

Reportedly, it lifted Levi and slammed him on the ground. Indeed, the accident left him unconscious.

The staff on duty immediately rushed him to Klungkung Hospital. However, the emergency unit pronounced he was already dead.

According to Seminyak Times, his body was transferred to Sanglah Hospital for investigation. As per the forensic reports, Suwitha’s death cause was probably due to the wound on his right chest.

Moreover, he sustained injuries on the left side of the head. Also, there were bruises on his face and left thigh.

See Elephant Handler Levi Death Video

Levi Suwitha’s death video is not available on Reddit. In fact, we cannot find his pictures on the internet.

Right now, no wiki has been written about the accident. However, various newspapers and online sites have written about the terrible incident.

The most surprising fact is that his family refused an autopsy. Also, his workers claimed the incident never happened.

Later, one of Levi’s employees claimed that an elephant had actually killed him. However, he mentions that his boss had participated in various events before the tragedy.

Reportedly, he was fatigued after he arrived at this workplace. So, he believes he might have died of his longtime heart problem.

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