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Lorna Jane Clarkson Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Lorna Jane Clarkson is a famous Australian fashion designer, author, and entrepreneur. She is a multitalented woman even in her older days she has been on top of her dedication to her professional career. She is the owner of the Lorna Jane brand and her own chain clothing retail stores. Her estimated net worth as of 2020 is around 40 million dollars including her business earnings.

Lorna Jane Clarkson is currently on the headline after her rumored appearance in the famous reality show called Celebrity Apprentice which is currently in its 14th season as it was first premiered on January 8, 2004, and its finally appearing after 4 years of break.

NameLorna Jane Clarkson
BirthdayNovember 24, 1964
ProfessionFashion Designer
Net Worth$40 Million

10 Facts on Lorna Jane Clarkson

Lorna Jane Clarkson was born on November 24, 1964, in Lancashire, England, United Kingdom. 

Her age is exactly 55 years old as her 56th birthday is just a month shy from the time of this article was written.

Lorna Jane Clarkson Net Worth as of 2020 is more than $40 million dollars which included her earning from business and her modeling career.

She is currently married to her husband Bill as they have been together for almost a decade as of 2020.

She is the daughter of Jean Hale but she hasn’t mentioned much about her father as she has been very secretive about her personal life especially regarding her family member.

Information regarding her bio and her personal life is available on the wiki.

She is currently a cast member of Celebrity Apprentice 2021 which is on the verge of getting released after 4 long years of break.

Her salary is more than a million dollars however she hasn’t revealed her exact earning as she has kept it very private.

She is available on her Instagram account @ljclarkson where she has more than 250k followers.

She is the owner and founder of Lorna Jane and she completed her highschool from Springwood State High School.

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